Frequently asked questions

What’s AudioViator?

What's AudioViator?
AudioViator is a collaborative project among internet users. With AudioViator you can create and download audio tours in several languages and share your knowledge with people while they visit monuments, cities, nature reserves and anything else you can imagine! We know it’s just not the same to visit a city or a museum if you have to read large texts and carry heavy guides. It’s much better when you can listen to the history and explanations of the best spots and their details. This is why AudioViator wants to spread culture with your collaboration.
In AudioViator we understand that an audio guide is a set of audio files associated with an image of a plane, work of art or scheme.

In AudioViator we define an audio tour or audioguide as group of audios associated with an image of a map or artwork.

What does AudioViator want to achieve?

AudioViator wants to spread the knowledge by internet and help people what like to know more. We think the culture must be free if it is possible.

You can listen to audio tours, and… you may download audio tours?

We have been offering a lot of time to download the audio tours. In 2008 many people prepared their trips using computers as a tool. Today mobile phones are used much more, and specifically smartphones and tablets. We believe that it does not make sense to download , unzip and transfer them to the devices or to mp3 player.

We consume immediately: we search, choose and listen to. Therefore this website is adapted for all types of screens, so that you can listen to the audio tours directly.

An attempt to advance in this was the creation of an application, today is disabled. In the future we will launch another application but following this same philosophy.

Creating of audio tours

The audio tours creation system now is more closed. At the moment it is not possible to create them except for the previous collaborators and the institutions that want to do so.

In the previous version of the web we had an audio tour creation system. For us the checking of this content was tedious. A lot of people copied literally from the Internet pages, which were not official, not verified and with a language that did not make them entertaining.

Luckily, there was a group of people and institutions that created audio tours, so we continued with it.